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My Going Green Policy

Happy Earth Day.

earff day

I know this idea is not original, but it’s still my policy.  My green policy is a minimalist strategy.  The less you buy, the less you use.  The less you use, the less bi-products you encourage, viz. green house gases, energy waste, additional packaging, and the like.

I think hybrid cars are the right idea, but buying a hybrid car still requires gas and alotta batteries.  Same thing with other green products, like hemp clothing with its associated manufacturing waste generations.

Adapting to a minimalist policy is pretty easy.  Realize that what you currently have is a sunk cost.  Then, try to get by with less new stuff. Buy fresh food and bulk food, so you avoid wasteful packaging.  Bike to the grocery store, forcing yourself to buy less.  Sew your clothes when they have hole failures. And obviously, smoke less drugs.

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